David and Victoria Beckham strut their stuff for TBC - a line of cosmetics. TBC also runs a chain of beauty clinics which were promoted in subsequent ads. One can't go into a 7-11 without seeing cardboard displays of the Beckhams and TBC products.


In the summer of 2002, Japan co-hosted the FIFA World Cup with Korea. David Beckham's fame and popularity reached the very top in Japan at that time and doesn't seem to be fading. At the time of this writing, TBC ads featuring both David and Victoria are still in very heavy rotation and we'll be posting them.

There are too many Beckham ads running these days to count but few of them are worth posting here as they aren't good for much of a laugh. Any of the ads involving Victoria we will post because she's just so damn funny.


With little comment from either side, Mr, Beckham's promotion of Vodafone ended unceremoniously this summer. He still has other promoting to do in Japan though.

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