Nicolas Cage
Mr. Cage isn't promoting pachinko palaces in these ads as much as a company that makes the machines that take the money from the customers who go into those palaces.The little steel ball motif in these ads is based on the actual ball that the machines dispense (or keep depending on your luck) which can be exchanged for cash at the register. (gambling is illegal in Japan so cash rewards are not allowed.)

Pachinko palaces dot countryside and cityscape alike all over Japan. Entering one of these things, one faces a complete sensory assault. Noise crashes into your brain through the ears and almost all other orifices, bright lights blind you, tobacco smoke chokes you, and, of course, the machines taste really bad.

It's been a few years now since these ads have appeared. To our knowledge, Mr. Cage hasn't appeared in an ad in Japan since. They were fun while they lasted.

Oscar Winner!

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