Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey appeared most recently on behalf of Nescafe in 2001.The ads for Aeon and Lip Aventure appeared in the mid '90s. The jackass with her in the coffee ads is Sanma who is a popular variety show host. He still appears in updated versions of Nescafe ads while Mariah has long since disappeared from the Japanese advertising landscape.


Ms. Carey is still quite popular in Japan as many popstars emulate her. Her concerts here still sell out as well even if she isn't getting any face time in ads. A huge moneymaking industry in Japan is the teaching/study of English. One of the biggest companies involved in that industry is Aeon which is one of many reasons they can afford big ticket names for their ads. Such big name Aeon promoters include Ewan McGregor, Celine Dione, and Cameron Diaz.

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