Brad Pitt
The ads above ran from 1996 until roughly mid 1999. The guitar spot (right) where he plays a guitar and sings is the ad that spawned a trend. He mispronounces 503 in Japanese in the song he sings. Instead of singing "go maru san" he sings "go mari san." Young folks thought this was pretty hip and started imitating it. This led to the ads further below where the frustrated woman tries to correct his pronunciation in several different spots.
The"go mari san" ads above inspired the ads below where the frustrated woman tries to correct his pronunciation. She doesn't look Japanese but her Japanese speaking ability is flawless.
The digitally enhanced ads (right, below right) are an interesting twist to this series of spots. The soccer one is actually quite clever.

The "stair-surfing" spot (above left) came with the standard "don't try this at home kids" warning at the bottom of the screen. Nothing needs to be said about the remaining spots.

The two scans below were taken from a pamphlet received at the local "Right On" clothing store.

The two "ass spots" are as amusing as any on the site. We hope you'll like them too!

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